Dispersion treatment of color masterbatch

2019-11-04 15:39:26

The color masterbatch is a highly concentrated, high-performance color configuration, which is now widely used, and is very important for the dispersion treatment of color masterbatch.


Generally, according to the properties of the pigment, it can be divided into two methods, one is wet treatment, mainly to completely grind the untreated color, dispersant, water, etc. in the sander to make it less than 1 micrometer, and then join The liquid paraffin is transferred to a fuel tank, dried to obtain a dispersed pigment, and then mixed with a carrier resin to obtain a color master batch. The dry treatment is to sufficiently mix the pigment, the dispersant and the carrier resin in a high-speed mixer to adhere the pigment to the carrier resin, followed by a color master batch.

The above are two kinds of dispersion treatment methods for obtaining color masterbatch. Coloring with color masterbatch can ensure the health of ginseng of the operator, and is a good coloring product.

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