Factors to consider in choosing the granulation method

2019-10-15 09:25:10

Granulation is a process that is affected by many factors. The choice of suitable granulation methods requires consideration of the following factors:

1.Characteristics of raw materials The selection of raw material characteristics requires investigation of whether the powder has sufficient fineness to ensure the progress of rolling granulation; if extrusion granulation is used, whether the plasticity of the raw materials and water after kneading is sufficient; if it is wet grinding Whether the slurry product synthesized in the liquid phase is easy to be atomized; if spray granulation is used, the heat sensitivity of the raw material is good.

2.processing capacity requirements Different granulation methods of the unit time processing volume is not small, must consider equipment investment and processing costs.

3.Product particle size distribution The particle size of the products obtained by different granulation methods varies greatly. For example, the particle size of spray granulation is small, and the particle size of the compressed granulation product can be large. The granulation method should be selected according to the granulation required.

4.The product obtained by the method of particle shape stirring, mixing granulation, fluidized granulation, etc. is a spherical particle with irregular shape; and rolling into a ball can obtain a smooth spherical body; for the preparation of regular particles of special shape, it is necessary to The way of compression and extrusion granulation. The choice of product particle formation should take into account the requirements and convenience of subsequent processes.

5. the product particle strength is not high or the strength is not expected to be too high (such as instant food) can be sprayed early to get off; if the particle strength is high, you need to use compression granulation, add viscosity The mixture is even sintered after molding, such as the production of grinding media particles.
6. Porosity and Density of Product Particles The porosity and density of the particles directly affect the strength of the product. For example, for the production of catalyst carrier particles, the simultaneous increase of porosity and strength is a contradiction. The porosity and density can be adjusted by process operating parameters.
7.Choice of dry/wet method Dry production process will inevitably lead to dust generation, so it is not suitable for granulation of toxic or other dangerous powders. On the other hand, the wet method requires drying after granulation and wastes some solvent. Some drugs cannot be contacted with water or recrystallized during drying to form other structures, which are not suitable for wet processes.
8.Space limitation The equipment occupancy space of different granulation methods varies greatly, and this problem must be considered from the perspective of saving civil construction investment.
While paying attention to the above factors, it should also be considered that multi-purpose granulation and reaction are carried out simultaneously. For example, the drum type rolling granulation equipment is also suitable for simultaneous reaction with a solid phase reactant or a chemical reaction process for producing a solid phase product. The fluidized granulation method simultaneously completes the drying of the granules.

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