Heat resistance of special color masterbatch

2019-07-01 16:38:01

Heat resistance of special color masterbatch.used with confidence at normal temperature. Only in the following circumstances will cause a difference in the level of discoloration, first, the temperature is above the normal range, first, the downtime is too long.

What is the difference between granulation coloring and masterbatch coloring?

Masterbatch coloring has the following advantages over granulated coloring:

  1. Coloring and finished product processing are completed at one time, to stop the heating process of granulation coloring on plastics, and to benefit the character of covering plastic finished products.

  2. The production process of plastic finished products is simplified.

  3. Can throttle a large amount of electrical energy

Does the product colored with masterbatch not fade?

There is no product that does not fade, and the products colored by the masterbatch are still probably faded, but the difference in the level of the product for the different grades is notable, and some are difficult to detect.

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