How do we choose masterbatch

2020-05-26 13:02:07

  The pigments used for heat-resistant color masterbatch are basically required to withstand the temperature in the production process of polypropylene fiber to maintain its stable performance. The temperature resistance temperature is generally required to be above 270 ~ 280 ℃.

    The pigment for dispersible masterbatch should be excellent in dispersibility and should be uniformly dispersed in the masterbatch, and the dispersant used will not reduce the quality of the polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is not possible to produce good-quality stock colored fibers, and the operation is unstable, and it is easy to break or produce abnormal fibers when drawing the fibers.

    Bright polypropylene stock solution has many uses for coloring, which are used for bed cover base fabrics and knitted fabrics, and require bright tones. Because organic pigments are bright and bright, and easy to color, organic pigments should be used for the above-mentioned applications.

    Light resistance Under the action of light, some pigments have a photosensitizing effect, which makes the colored fibers fade and brittle. The light resistance of the pigment is basically related to its chemical structure. When the pigment needs to be used, consider adding an ultraviolet absorber.

    The pigment used in the stable color masterbatch should have excellent stability for the colored polypropylene fiber. It means that the pigment fiber polymer will not react with the fiber when exposed to heat, light, or high temperature for a long time, and form new chemical groups to make the polymer performance low.



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