Quality identification of masterbatch

The masterbatch manufacturer's products are suitable for extrusion molding and extrusion of general plastics. The use is very large. We should pay attention to the selection of high-quality masterbatch when purchasing, then how to identify the quality

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Factors to consider in choosing the granulation method

Characteristics of raw materials The selection of raw material characteristics requires investigation of whether the powder has sufficient fineness to ensure the progress of rolling granulation; if extrusion granulation is used, whether the plasticity of the raw materials and water after kneading is sufficient; if it is wet grinding Whether the slurry product synthesized in the liquid phase is easy to be atomized; if spray granulation is used, the heat sensitivity of the raw material is good.

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Analysis of the application of pp color masterbatch in polypropylene fiber

The pp masterbatch can make the pigment have better dispersibility in the product, which is beneficial to maintain the chemical stability of the pigment and to ensure the stability of the color of the product. Thereby protecting the health and safety of the operator. We all know that since June 1, 2008, the state has implemented a “plastic limit order” to limit and reduce the use of plastic bags to curb “white pollution”.

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What is the effect of excessive use of color masterbatch

As a high-concentration color mixture, the masterbatch can dye many products that are not easily dyed into the desired color. Because many pipe industries add some of this material when producing and processing pipes, the color of the pipe can be enriched. But at the same time, a problem has followed, what effect will it have on the use of this substance?

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Does using masterbatch increase the cost?

Usually, the color masterbatch price is higher than the toner price, so many people think that the use of color masterbatch will increase the cost to the enterprise. In fact, we have concluded through experiments that, in some cases, the color Masterbatch coloring is more economical than toner coloring, which is why.

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What is the color tone requirement of the color master in color matching

What is the color tone requirement of the color master in color matching?What we need to know is that the color tone is mainly used to distinguish the basis of various colors. It is because the pigment itself lacks a pure color source, so in order to obtain a good color tone, it is necessary to use different colors to form a more pure color when performing production.

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