Relationship between color masterbatch lightfastness and colorant dosage illumination time additives and plastics

With regard to the amount of coloring agent and the time of light, the light resistance (weathering) will increase with the increase of the amount of coloring agent. The increase of the amount of coloring agent will increase the amount of pigment in the surface layer, and the light resistance of the surface layer will be increased under the same degree of light. It is better than the amount of coloring agent. When the volume concentration of the pigment increases to reach the critical pigment volume concentration, the light resistance increases to the limit.

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The importance of black masterbatch in agricultural film

 The agricultural film is also called mulch film, also called plastic film, also called agricultural mulch film. The main component is polyethylene, which is used to cover farmland to improve the ground temperature, maintain soil moisture, promote seed germination and rapid growth of seedlings; The role of weed growth.

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The importance of masterbatch in plastic cosmetic bottles

Cosmetics are any parts of the human body surface, such as skin, hair, nails, lips, etc., which are applied by smearing, spraying or other similar methods to achieve cleaning, maintenance, beauty, modification and appearance, or to correct the body odor. Chemical industrial products or fine chemical products for good purposes. For women who love beauty, cosmetics seem to have become a flavoring agent for life. Plastic cosmetics bottles are usually made of PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, and acrylic. Force, PET.

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