Introduction of flame retardant masterbatch

2019-12-30 14:01:26

Flame retardant masterbatch (bromide / halogen) is also known as flame retardant masterbatch. It is one of the best flame retardant products in plastic and rubber resins. The flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) is a flame retardant. It is a granular product made on the basis of organic combination, modification treatment and synergy effect of multiple flame retardant ingredients, and through mixing, extrusion and granulation through a twin-screw or three-screw extruder. Unlike flame retardants, flame retardant masterbatches are easy to add in resin, clean and hygienic, high flame retardant efficiency, small addition amount, small impact on the mechanical properties of the resin, and it is difficult to cause delamination, patterning, precipitation and other undesirable phenomena after addition. , Saving many advantages such as labor, material cost and time. Generally, the dispersibility, flowability, compatibility with resin, thermal stability and weather resistance of flame retardant masterbatch in resin are much better than ordinary flame retardants. In addition, the flame retardant masterbatch with proper formula has flame retardancy. Efficiency and effectiveness (cost performance) are also far superior to ordinary flame retardants. Therefore, the flame retardant masterbatch has become one of the best choices to achieve the fire protection requirements of flame retardant plastic products, and has become an effective substitute for flame retardant powder.


Application range of flame retardant masterbatch

1. Wire drawing grade, extrusion grade, film grade, coating grade, antistatic grade and other series of polyethylene flame retardant masterbatch. Completely replace powdery flame retardants, with high concentration, good dispersibility, simplified production processes, and high cost performance. This can solve the flame retardant problem of most PE molding and meet the needs of different products. Widely used in polyethylene dense mesh construction safety nets, Christmas trees, artificial turf, polyethylene construction threading pipes, mining pipes, cables, foam boards, automotive wiring harness pipes, flame-retardant tarpaulins, flame-retardant films, fire-resistant cloth coatings , Electronic packaging, etc.

2. Used for drawing polypropylene flame retardant master batches such as drawing grade, extrusion grade, film grade, antistatic grade, injection grade and so on. It has the advantages of high concentration, good dispersibility, simplified production process, high cost performance, etc., and completely replaces powdery flame retardants. In order to solve the flame retardant problem of most PP molding, to meet the needs of different products. Widely used in polypropylene high-strength silk, flat silk, artificial wigs, electrical safety belts, artificial grass, sports nets, PP automotive wiring harness tubes, sheets, mining mesh belts, packing belts, electronic injection parts, electrical skeletons, electrical enclosures, European sockets, etc.

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