Matters needing attention in each stage of masterbatch processing

2020-04-11 10:50:19

The forming of the masterbatch requires multiple steps. At each processing stage, there are areas that require special attention. If there is a stage with poor control, it will easily lead to product failure. Next, let's take a look at what needs special attention:

  1. During the reaction of the masterbatch, the process control must be strict. The preheating temperature of the raw material oil, the pressure of the furnace and the selection of the nozzle model should be implemented as required. The operation of opening and stop is in accordance with the procedure and cannot be changed without permission. These can reduce or avoid the generation of colloidal particles and the formation of refractory slag.

  2. In the masterbatch separation and conveying system, the temperature of the bag filter cone and the pressure change of the air delivery system should be noted. Of acid. Handle in an emergency to ensure smooth flow.

  1. In order to reduce the solid deposits in the raw oil, the selection of the filtering equipment is very important, such as the internal filter type and external filter type should meet the specific requirements. The number of filter stages and mesh should be replaced regularly according to the process requirements to minimize the factors that produce coke particles.

By selecting the appropriate quenching water nozzle and increasing the water pressure to control the quenching water volume, it can reduce the quenching water consumption while ensuring the termination of the reaction. It can also increase the calorific value of the exhaust gas while reducing the introduction of salts in the water.

  1. In terms of granulation, strengthen the process control, regularly check the particle status regularly, adjust the water volume in time, and ensure the flow of the goods to be stable. Under the premise of ensuring the granulation, control the granulation water and additives to reduce the belt of impurities Into.

  2. In the drying of the masterbatch, the balance of the overall heat should be ensured, the temperature of the drying furnace and the temperature of the outlet of the drum should be kept well so that the moisture of the carbon black does not exceed the standard.


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