Plastic coloring formula should pay attention to the problem

2019-07-01 16:46:28

   1.To understand the basic characteristics of plastics

Plastic coloring is done with specific plastics, especially the color of the main plastic itself, transparency and shade.

  1. The color of the plastic color

Some plastics are colorless, but many plastics have different colors. The color of the plastic itself is an important basis for formulating plastic coloring formulas. Colorless plastics can be used in a variety of colors. Light-colored plastics can be dispensed. Dark colors, on the other hand, dark plastics are difficult to match with light colors, and colored plastics are impossible to match with colorless plastics.

  1. Plastic transparency

The transparent material can be provided with a transparent, translucent, opaque color, the translucent material can be provided with a translucent, opaque color, and the opaque material can only be provided with an opaque color.

  1. Plastic shade

The plastic coloring is often a factor that can not be ignored in the coloring of plastics. The color effect of plastic is more prominent when it is equipped with some light or white colors. 

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