Reasons for color difference when processing plastic color masterbatch

2019-07-10 13:40:48

Reasons for color difference when processing plastic color masterbatch.The reason for the color difference produced by the plastic color masterbatch in the processing process.Plastic masterbatch is the main raw material for color grading.In the production process,the requirements for color are strict,but there will be color difference.The following series will share with you the application of plastic color masterbatch in the production process.The reason for the color difference.

Plastic color masterbatch the toner has a color difference due to its heat resistance,shear resistance, formulation compatibility,and degree of dispersion. Except for a small amount of inorganic pigments,most inorganic pigments have good heat resistance and have no effect on general color masterbatch production. The heat resistance temperature of the organic pigment varies greatly,and the benzidine pigment has poor heat resistance.The colorant which is resistant to collision shear is pearl powder,phosphor,etc.Colorants which are resistant to screw shear are benzidines,pearl powders, phosphors, metal powders,etc.

By heat resistance,shear resistance and lead to discoloration of unqualified products, because the color of ac is much lower than the standard sample,can not repair color adjustment,can only be scrapped.The color that matches with pearlite pink,because cut excessive and generation cover and surface effect unqualified,scrap.

PVC resin processing out of acidic substances HC! Cyanobacterium contains sulfide, which is easy to react with acid.Ferric oxide pigments can promote the decomposition of PVC resin.Pigment and resin compatibility,easy to fade or discoloration.Recipes should be avoided as much as possible.

Generally speaking,make a small sample with a small machine.When the first batch of batch production,improve the dispersion of the entire toner, improve the coloring power, increase the color density,or increase the color density of one of the two toner, produced color.The color difference.At this time,the plastic color masterbatch and plastic color masterbatch recipes should be trimmed and adjusted.Use pre-dispersed pigment samples to avoid adjustments when replacing large machines.

In addition,the color difference between different batches of toner, the replacement of the same amount of toner of different grades,the replacement of carrier resin of different grades,the replacement of fillers and additives of different manufacturers,will cause the color change, especially the light-colored products are particularly sensitive,therefore, the choice should be careful.Meanwhile,good sample injection inspection is carried out to unify toner sample preparation process and ensure the consistency of test samples and sealing samples.


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