Relationship between color masterbatch lightfastness and colorant dosage illumination time additives and plastics

2019-11-27 09:40:24

1.With regard to the amount of coloring agent and the time of light, the light resistance (weathering) will increase with the increase of the amount of coloring agent. The increase of the amount of coloring agent will increase the amount of pigment in the surface layer, and the light resistance of the surface layer will be increased under the same degree of light. It is better than the amount of coloring agent. When the volume concentration of the pigment increases to reach the critical pigment volume concentration, the light resistance increases to the limit.

2.Related to Additives In plastic color matching, it is often necessary to add various additives to improve its performance, such as adding titanium dioxide to improve the hiding power of the product. In general, when the coloring agent is added with titanium dioxide, the light resistance is reduced to a different extent, and the more the addition, the more the drop. The reason for the decline: on the one hand, the reflection of light by titanium dioxide is the actual light intensity of the pigment, and on the other hand, the metal oxide of titanium dioxide accelerates the oxidative degradation process of light.

3.Related to different types of plastics Polymers age under sunlight, and the most harmful wavelengths of different plastics are different. The aging reaction of the polymer under light irradiation is the same as the auto-oxidation reaction of the hot oxygen, which is accompanied by cracking and cross-linking of the polymer, which deteriorates the mechanical properties and aggravates the color change of the polymer.

4.Relating to different grades of resin of the same type The chemical nature of the polymer monomer, the polymerization method, and the antioxidants and light stabilizers used are different, which makes the plastics of different grades have differences in their light resistance.

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