The general color masterbatch technology is wet process

2019-07-27 16:12:08

The general color masterbatch technology is wet process.Color masterbatch material by water phase grinding, phase transformation, washing, drying, granulation, only in this way can the quality of products be guaranteed.In addition, a series of color masterbatch technical tests should be carried out at the same time of pigment grinding treatment, such as determining the fineness of sand grout, determining the diffusion property of sand grout, determining the solid content of sand grout and determining the fineness of color grout.

The color masterbatch is generally composed of three parts. The colorant carrier dispersant is mixed by a high-speed mixing machine, broken up, and extruded into granules.the color masterbatch has significant advantages such as high concentration, good dispersibility and cleanliness in the process of plastic processing.

In the process of color masterbatch production, the pigment must be refined to improve its dispersibility and pigmentation.The carrier of special color master is the same as the plastic variety of products, with good matching, after heating and melting pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic products.


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