What aspects of finished product testing of color masterbatch

2020-05-19 10:22:19
  1. Inspection method of tinting strength and shade

Weigh 5g of masterbatch and 200g of natural resin, mix it into a sheet in a two-roll plasticizer, accurately weigh 10g of plasticized material, put it in a mold with a cavity height of 0.1mm, and press it with a pressure forming machine The flakes are compared with the original standard of known concentration. The color light is similar to the standard, and the coloring power is ± 5% of the standard

  1. Fineness determination

Weigh 1g color masterbatch and 100g natural resin uniformly, and then roll it into a sheet on a two-roll plastic machine, and observe the particle size with a microscope (according to product requirements, count within 0.5mm diameter, 2nm, 10nm, and 30nm The number of pigment particles above).

  1. Fineness determination by pressure rise method

This experiment is to mix the color masterbatch and the natural color particles in an extruder, the ratio of which is 4%, and then use a gear pump to press it into the filter group, and the pressure formed in front of the filter are carried out for time Plot. The quality index of the color masterbatch is called the "filtering value". Generally, the quality of the masterbatch can be evaluated by the pressure value of 90 minutes of extrusion.

  1. Determination of the dispersion of masterbatch

Weigh 20g of the sample masterbatch, add 500g of high-pressure polyethylene (or polypropylene) (1:25), stir and mix to blow the film. The thickness of the film is 0.04-0.06mm. Then, go to a 2cm * 5cm film, place it in two glass sheets, magnify it 400 times with an optical microscope, and observe its dispersibility.

  1. Determination of lightfastness and weather resistance.

  2. Determination of heat resistant



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