Why is there a broken wire in the color masterbatch drawing process?

2019-08-01 10:28:26

Why is there a broken wire in the color masterbatch drawing process?Products made by masterbatch manufacturers can be used in many occasions. This material can be used to make finished plastic products. It needs to be drawn during use. Now let's take a closer look?

If the color masterbatch breaks during use, it is because there is a certain amount of moisture in the raw material, which may cause bubbles to appear during the drawing process and breakage occurs. Therefore, materials should be stored in a waterproof, moisture-proof, ventilated, direct sunlight. Materials with high moisture content should be used after drying. Secondly, the heat traction ratio is not suitable. The traction ratio is too small, the wire is not fully stretched, and the pulling force is small. The heat traction ratio is large, exceeding the wire limit value, and the wire will be broken.

In the drawing process of color masterbatch, we should pay attention to the above problems and prevent the phenomenon of broken wire. In addition, in addition to the above problems, we must also pay attention to the amount of addition should not be too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive.


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