Why is there broken wire in the process of producing masterbatch

2020-04-11 11:11:13
  1. The raw material contains moisture. In the drawing of the masterbatch, bubbles are generated and the wire breaks. Therefore, the materials should be kept waterproof, moisture-proof, ventilated, and avoid direct sunlight. Materials with high moisture content should be used after drying.

  2. The thermal traction ratio is not suitable. The traction ratio is too small, the wire is not fully stretched, and the pulling force is small. If the thermal traction ratio is large, the wire will be broken if it exceeds the wire limit.

  3. The hot water tank is too short, and the wire does not reach the upper limit of the masterbatch after thermal traction.

  4. The screw speed is fast or slow, and the traction cannot adjust the speed automatically. The thickness of the wire is different, which affects the tension of the wire or breaks the wire.




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