Will pigment and masterbatch coloring fade in plastic products?

2019-06-12 14:17:43

    Will pigment and masterbatch coloring fade in plastic products?Plastic colored products can be discolored by a variety of factors. The fading of plastic colored articles is related to the light resistance of the pigments, dyes, oxidation resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and properties of the resins used. According to the processing conditions and application requirements of plastic products, the above properties of the desired pigments, dyes, surfactants, dispersants, carrier resins and anti-aging additives should be comprehensively evaluated before the masterbatch is produced.

      Because of the pretreatment of the pigment, the color masterbatch has higher tinting strength, the dosage can be reduced and the quality is stable, and transportation, storage, use and convenience are greatly reduced.

    The dispersing agent removes the surface air by wetting and permeating the pigment, disperses the agglomerates and agglomerates into fine, stable and uniform particles, and no longer agglomerates during processing. The commonly used dispersing agent is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax. For EVA waxes or oxidized polyethylene waxes, which are difficult to disperse organic pigments and carbon blacks, synthetic low molecular weight polyethylene waxes and polyethylene low molecular weight polyethylene waxes have very big differences.

    Other additives include coupling agents, antioxidants, light stabilizers, antistatic agents, fillers, etc., depending on the requirements and variety, called multi-functional masterbatch, and if added brightener, it is beneficial to molded products. Demolding and improving the brightness of the surface of the product.


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