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ABS color masterbatch used high molecular ABS resin as the carrier, made of coated supermicro particle powder ( average particle size less than 1um ), largely used in ABS injection and extrusion industry with good performance in coloration and stable in color preservation.This masterbatch manufacturing process product still can keep high brightness and impact resistance strength even adding 5%.It can be used in Injection moulding, film, sheet, foams, fibres, tapes, coatings and many others.

Blue masterbatch for masterbatch ABS blue plastic application

Blue masterbatch for masterbatch abs blue plastic application is easy to operate and is extensively applicable to equipment and materials in selection.

Color Masterbatch Orange for ABS All Kinds of Household Electrical Appliances Masterbatch

Color masterbatch orange for abs all kinds of household electrical appliances masterbatch can be mixed with abs resin for blowing, extrusion etc and is easy to disperse with good compatibility.

ABS pellets filler plastic material blue color masterbatch granules

ABS pellets filler plastic material blue color masterbatch granules is widely used for plastic coloring. It is a concentrated mixture of pigments to which dispersants are added to ensure the optimal dispersion of these pigments in a carrier resin. The carrier resin is compatible with the plastic material in which it will be blended during molding. This series of masterbatch is made of high quality inorganic and organic pigments, dyes and suitable additives.

High Quality Color Plastic Masterbatch Customized Filler Masterbatch Price For abs

High quality color plastic masterbatch customized filler masterbatch price for abs apply inorganic/organic pigments or dyes, or some special effect dyes, adding suitable additives in the carrier of ASB. Customized production is accepted. We offer the most cost-effective products according to customers' requirements or the actual production situation. This product is nontoxic, odorless, and has good storage. It is not decomposed at normal temperature, but it must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from hot steam pipe and fire source, to avoid direct sun and damp.

Plastic Additives Material White Color Masterbatch for ABS

Description of this Plastic Additives Material White Color Masterbatch for ABS Plastic additives material white color masterbatch for ABS is a masterbatch with high-quality pigment used in injection

customized abs pp pe pellets color plastic granules masterbatch

Customized abs pp pe pellets color plastic granules masterbatch is made of high quality pigment as the main raw material, mixed with carrier resin, dispersant and special host.

Plastic Pellets Injection Molding Colorant ABS Brown Color Masterbatch

Plastic pellets injection molding colorant abs brown color masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch with advanced level, high efficiency and high concentration.Compatible with etc., resistant to sunlight, migration, weather and heat. Application field and product features: is suitable for the base material blowing film injection molding extrusion drawing, drenching desert and other plastic coloring molding process.Excellent melt mixing dispersion and color stability, and has the highest mechanical strength retention rate.The utility model has the advantages of bright color, environmental protection, sanitation, strong heat resistance, good dispersibility, good stability against migration, and convenient operation.

Flame Retardant ABS Resin Virgin Raw Plastic Material

Flame retardant abs resin virgin raw plastic material has the characteristics of high strength, low weight.

High Performance Carbon Black Masterbatch with ABS Carrier Low Price

High performance carbon black masterbatch with ABS carrier low price has good dispersibility, stability, and convenient color replacement. carbon black masterbatch can select the right product, provide recommended formula, provide technical support, solve technical problems in production, and satisfy the confusion of customers.It has full chromatogram, bright color, better tinting strength; no color alteration till temperature up to 280;and ensure master batch uniform distribution in the polyolefin resin processing, keep physics performance of the thing itself; good machining property, more smooth surface.

virgin abs plastic granules supply ABS Granules abs plastic raw material price

Virgin abs plastic granules,supply ABS granules /abs plastic raw material price is a highly-functional plastic known for its strong heat resistance and impact resistance. It is highly processable and can be manufactured in various colors. It is used in numerous areas including toys such as automobiles, home appliances, IT devices, etc.Generally, the higher the content proportion of acrylonitrile, the better the heat resistance, rigidity, and solvent resistance properties; but the fluidity is worse and the plastic contains a yellow color. During injection mode, it has very good mechanical property and dimensional stability. Based on these advantages, the ABS resin has become an excellent engineering plastic.

free sample virgin ABS plastic raw material granules resin pellet price per kg

Free sample virgin ABS plastic raw material /granules/resin/pellet price per kg, ABS is a copolymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile, and butadiene latex. The ABS Resin is currently the most diverse acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer. The general level ABS has characteristics of high gloss, high rigidity. The background is white, stable and suitable for all kinds of home appliances, computer peripherals, OA shell products and toys and other products. In addition, the general level ABS also applies to other secondary processing of applications, such as painting, plating, bonding and so on.

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